Model No. Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Width COO Type
1226 M13023046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
1226 KM13023046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
1226 KM + H 302611523046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
23024 CC/W3312018046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
23024 CCK/W3312018046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
23024 CCK/W33 + AHX 302411518046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
222010018046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
2220 K10018046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
2220 K + H 3209018046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
2220 KM10018046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
2220 M10018046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
22312 EK/VA4056013046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
22220 E10018046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
22220 EK10018046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
BD-22220 EK-AHX 3209518046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
BD-22220 EK-H 3209018046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
22312 E6013046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
22312 E/VA4056013046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
22312 EK6013046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
BD-23024 CCK/W33-H 302411018046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
23024-2RS5/VT14312018046SwedenSpherical roller bearings
23126013046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
2312 K6013046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
2312 K + H 23125513046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
2312 KM6013046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
2312 M6013046SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
332168014046SwedenTapered roller bearings
4312 ATN96013046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
5122814020046SwedenThrust ball bearings
52212509546SwedenThrust ball bearings
6036 M18028046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
603819029046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6038 M19029046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
61876 MA38048046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
61880 MA40050046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
61884 MA42052046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
61888 MA44054046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
61952 MA26036046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6195628038046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
61956 MA28038046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
62312-2RS16013046SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
7036 ACD/HCP4A18028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 ACD/HCP4AH118028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 ACD/HCP4AL18028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 ACD/P4A18028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 ACD/P4AH118028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 ACD/P4AL18028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 BGM18028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 CD/HCP4A18028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 CD/HCP4AH118028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 CD/HCP4AL18028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 CD/P4A18028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 CD/P4AH118028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7036 CD/P4AL18028046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7038 ACD/HCP4A19029046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7038 ACD/HCP4AH119029046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7038 ACD/P4A19029046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7038 ACD/P4AH119029046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7038 BGM19029046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7038 CD/HCP4A19029046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7038 CD/HCP4AH119029046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7038 CD/P4A19029046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7038 CD/P4AH119029046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71876 ACGAMB38048046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71952 ACD/HCP4A26036046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71952 ACD/HCP4AL26036046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71952 ACD/P4A26036046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71952 CD/HCP4A26036046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71952 CD/HCP4AL26036046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71952 CD/P4A26036046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71952 CD/P4AL26036046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71956 ACD/HCP4A28038046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71956 ACD/P4A28038046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71956 CD/HCP4A28038046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
71956 CD/P4A28038046SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
81228 M14020046SwedenCylindrical roller thrust bearings
C 222010018046SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
C 2220 K10018046SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
BD-C 2220 K-AHX 3209518046SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
BD-C 2220 K-H 320 E9018046SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
BC1-8028399.87250046SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
BEAM 040115-2RS4011546SwedenAngular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives
BEAM 040115-2RZ4011546SwedenAngular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives
GRA 302412016246SwedenGauges
C 5918 MB9012546SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
C 5918 V9012546SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
C 5918-2CS5V/GEM99012546SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
GB 3021--46SwedenGauges
GB 3022--46SwedenGauges
HE 21669.8510546SwedenAdapter sleeves
HE 230831.754046SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2167010546SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2308355846SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2308 E354046SwedenAdapter sleeves
HA 21668.262510546SwedenAdapter sleeves
NU 1036 M18028046SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NU 1036 ML18028046SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NU 1038 M19029046SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NU 1038 ML19029046SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
JM 738249/21019026046SwedenTapered roller bearings
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