Model No. Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Width COO Type
H 2317758582SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 23188012086SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2319859590SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2319 EL8512590SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 23209013097SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2320 E9010097SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2322100145105SwedenAdapter sleeves
HE 21669.8510546SwedenAdapter sleeves
HE 21776.211050SwedenAdapter sleeves
HE 21882.559052SwedenAdapter sleeves
HE 21982.5512555SwedenAdapter sleeves
HE 22088.910058SwedenAdapter sleeves
HE 230625.44538SwedenAdapter sleeves
HE 230831.754046SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 204172024SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 205203826SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 206254527SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 207305229SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 208354031SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 209406533SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 210457035SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 211507537SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 212556038SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 213608540SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 215657543SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2167010546SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2177511050SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 218809052SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2198512555SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2209010058SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 22210014563SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2305203835SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2306254538SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2307305243SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2308355846SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2308 E354046SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2309406550SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2310455055SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2311505559SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2312558062SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2313606565SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2313 E608565SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2314607068SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2315659873SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 23167010578SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2322 E100145105SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2324110120112SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2324 E110120112SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2324 EH110120112SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2324 L110145112SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2326115130121SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2326 L115130121SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2330135150139SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2330 L135150139SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2332140160147SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2334150220154SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2336160180161SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2338170190169SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2340180200176SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2340 L180200176SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 302411014572SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3024 E11012072SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 302611515580SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3026 E11516580SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 302812514082SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3028 E12518082SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 303013518087SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3030 E13519587SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 303214016093SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3034150170101SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3034 E150170101SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3036160210109SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3036 E160230109SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3038170190112SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 304 E173828SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3040180200120SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 305202529SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 306254531SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 307305235SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 307 E305235SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 307 EL305235SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 308354036SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 308 E355836SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 309404539SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 309 E404539SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 310457042SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 310 E457042SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 311505545SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 311 E505545SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 312558047SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 312 E558047SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 31209010076SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3120 E9013076SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 312210011081SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3122 E10011081SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 312411012088SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3124 L11012088SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 312611516592SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 3128 L12514097SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 313608550SwedenAdapter sleeves
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