Model No. Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Width COO Type
AOH 24076360380208SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24080380400228SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24084400420230SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24088420440242SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24092440460250SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24096460480250SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24056 G260280162SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24060 G280300184SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24064 G300320184SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24068320340206SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 24072340360206SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2236 G170180105SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2238 G180190112SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2308354040SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2309404544SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2313 G606561SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2332 G150160140SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2334 G160170146SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2336 G170180154SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2338 G180190160SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2402411512073SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2402612513083SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2402813514083SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2403014515090SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 24034160170106SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 24036170180116SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 24038180190118SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2412210511082SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2412411512093SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2412612513094SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 2412813514099SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 24130145150115SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 24132150160124SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 24134160170125SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 24136170180134SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 24138180190146SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 24140190200158SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 303215016077SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 303416017085SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 3038 G18019096SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 308354029SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 309404531SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 313 G606542SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 3132 G150160103SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 3134 G160170104SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 3136 G170180116SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 3138 G180190125SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 314 G657043SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 3140190200134SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 315 G707545SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 316758048SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 3232 G150160124SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AH 3240190200153SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2310455050SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2311505554SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2312556058SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2314 G657064SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2316758071SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2317808574SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2318859079SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2319909585SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 23209510090SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2322 G10511098SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2324 G115120105SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2326 G125130115SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2328 G135140125SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 2330 G145150135SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 302411512060SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 302813514068SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 303014515072SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 310455035SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 311505537SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 312556040SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 31209510064SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 312210511068SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 312411512075SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 312612513078SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 3130 G14515096SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 317808552SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 318859053SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 319909557SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 3209510059SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 3218859063SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 32210511063SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 32209510073SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 3222 G10511082SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 3224 G11512090SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 3226 G12513098SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 3228 G135140104SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AHX 3230 G145150114SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 2244200220130SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 2252 G240260155SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 2256 G260280155SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 2260 G280300170SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 2264 G300320180SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 2344200220181SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 2348220240189SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 2352 G240260205SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 240/10009501000469SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
AOH 240/106010001060498SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
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