Model No. Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Width COO Type
24036 CC/W33180280100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24036 CCK30/W33180280100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
BD-24036 CCK30/W33-AH 24036170280100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24036-2CS5/VT143180280100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24038 CC/W33190290100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24038 CCK30/W33190290100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
BD-24038 CCK30/W33-AH 24038180290100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24130 CC/W33150250100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24130 CCK30/W33150250100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24130-2CS5/VT143150250100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24130-2CS5K30/VT143150250100SwedenSpherical roller bearings
307368 B530760100SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
316789/HA110601280100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
32060 X300460100SwedenTapered roller bearings
360476 A530760100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
361840730940100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
618/1000 MA10001220100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
618/1060 MA10601280100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
618/1060 TN10601280100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
60/500 N1MAS500720100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6092 MB460680100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6096 MB480700100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
619/630 N1MA630850100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
70/500 AM500720100SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
70/500 BM500720100SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7092 AM460680100SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7092 BM460680100SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7096 AM480700100SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7096 BM480700100SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
718/1000 AMB10001220100SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
BB1B 362009 A/HA118002000100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
BB1B 363472500689100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
BB1B 63053310301250100SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
BC1B 31957910301250100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
BT1-8010/HA412701465100SwedenTapered roller bearings
C 4036 V180280100SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
C 4130 V150250100SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
GE 200 ES-2LS200290100SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GE 220 ES-2LS220320100SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GE 220 TXA-2LS220320100SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GEH 110 ES-2LS110180100SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GEZ 408 ES114.3177.8100SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GEZ 408 ES-2LS114.3177.8100SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GEZ 408 ES-2RS114.3177.8100SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GEZ 408 ESL-2LS114.3177.8100SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
IR 380x415x100380415100SwedenNeedle roller bearings
KM 2018-100SwedenLock nuts
KMFE 2021-100SwedenLock nuts
KMFE 20 L21-100SwedenLock nuts
KMK 2020-100SwedenLock nuts
KMT 2032-100SwedenLock nuts
KMTA 2032-100SwedenLock nuts
KR 80 PPA-80100SwedenCam followers
KR 80 XB-80100SwedenCam followers
KR 90 B-90100SwedenCam followers
KR 90 XB-90100SwedenCam followers
KRV 80 PPA-80100SwedenCam followers
KRVE 90 PPA-90100SwedenCam followers
NA 4876380480100SwedenNeedle roller bearings
NU 29/500 ECMA500670100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NCF 28/750 V750920100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NCF 2996 V480650100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NF 18/1000 ECM/HB110001220100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNC 4876 CV380480100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNC 4952 CV260360100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNCF 4956 CV280380100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNCL 4876 CV380480100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNCL 4880 CV400500100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNCL 4952 CV260360100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNCL 4956 CV280380100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNF 5030 ADA-2LSV150225100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4876 K/W33380480100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4876/HB1W33380480100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4880 K/W33400500100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4880/HB1W33400500100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4884 K/W33420520100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4884/W33420520100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4888 KM/W33440540100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4952 B/SPW33260360100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4952 BK/SPW33260360100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4956 B/SPW33280380100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNU 4956 BK/SPW33280380100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NNUP 4880/HB1W33400500100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NU 10/500 MA500720100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NU 1092 MA460680100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NU 1096 MA480700100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NU 18/1000 MA/HB110001220100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NU 19/630 ECMA/HB1630850100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
NUKR 90 XA-90100SwedenCam followers
NUKRE 90 A-90100SwedenCam followers
PBMF 250270100 M1G1250270100SwedenBushings, thrust washers and strips
NUKR 80 A-80100SwedenCam followers
NUKR 80 XA-80100SwedenCam followers
NUP 18/1000 MA/HB110001220100SwedenCylindrical roller bearings
PCM 8590100 E8590100SwedenBushings, thrust washers and strips
PCM 8590100 M8590100SwedenBushings, thrust washers and strips
PCM 9095100 E9095100SwedenBushings, thrust washers and strips
PCM 9095100 M9095100SwedenBushings, thrust washers and strips
PBM 150170100 M1G1150170100SwedenBushings, thrust washers and strips
PBM 160180100 M1G1160180100SwedenBushings, thrust washers and strips
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