Model No. Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Width COO Type
13147015035SwedenSelf-aligning ball bearings
21314 E7015035SwedenSpherical roller bearings
21314 EK7015035SwedenSpherical roller bearings
BD-21314 EK-AH 314 G6515035SwedenSpherical roller bearings
BD-21314 EK-H 3146015035SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24013 CC/W336510035SwedenSpherical roller bearings
24013-2RS5W/VT1436510035SwedenSpherical roller bearings
3147015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
314 NR7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
314-2Z7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
314-2ZNR7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
314-Z7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
314-ZNR7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
32021 X10516035SwedenTapered roller bearings
332115510035SwedenTapered roller bearings
512189013535SwedenThrust ball bearings
513115510535SwedenThrust ball bearings
513126011035SwedenThrust ball bearings
603015022535SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6030 M15022535SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6030-2RS115022535SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6030-2Z15022535SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6030-RS115022535SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6030-Z15022535SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314-RS17015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314-Z7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314-ZNR7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314/C3VL02417015035SwedenINSOCOAT bearings
6314/HC5C37015035SwedenHybrid bearings
6314/VA2017015035SwedenHigh temperature bearings and bearing units
63147015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314 M7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314 M/C3VL02417015035SwedenINSOCOAT bearings
6314 N7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314 NR7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314-2RS17015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314-2Z7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6314-2ZNR7015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
64126015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6412 N6015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
6412 NR6015035SwedenDeep groove ball bearings
7030 ACD/HCP4A15022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 ACD/HCP4AL15022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 ACD/P4A15022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 ACD/P4AH115022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 ACD/P4AL15022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 BGM15022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 CD/HCP4A15022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 CD/HCP4AH115022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 CD/HCP4AL15022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 CD/P4A15022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 CD/P4AH115022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7030 CD/P4AL15022535SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 ACCBM7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BECAP7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BECBJ7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BECBM7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BECBP7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BECBPH7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BECBY7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BEGAF7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BEGAJ7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BEGAM7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BEGAP7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BEGAPH7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BEGAY7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BEGBY7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7314 BEP7015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7412 BCBM6015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7412 BGAM6015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7412 BGBM6015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
7412 BM6015035SwedenAngular contact ball bearings
81218 TN9013535SwedenCylindrical roller thrust bearings
AHX 310455035SwedenWithdrawal sleeves
C 4013-2CS5V/GEM96510035SwedenCARB toroidal roller bearings
GE 50 ESL-2LS507535SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GE 50 ESX-2LS507535SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GEH 35 ES-2RS356235SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GEH 35 ESX-2LS356235SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
GEM 35 ESL-2LS355535SwedenSpherical plain bearings and rod ends
H 210457035SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 2305203835SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 307305235SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 307 E305235SwedenAdapter sleeves
H 307 EL305235SwedenAdapter sleeves
HA 21042.86257035SwedenAdapter sleeves
IR 130x145x3513014535SwedenNeedle roller bearings
IR 130x145x35 EGS13014535SwedenPower transmission seals
IR 140x155x3514015535SwedenNeedle roller bearings
HA 30730.16253535SwedenAdapter sleeves
HA 307 E30.16253535SwedenAdapter sleeves
HE 21044.455035SwedenAdapter sleeves
IR 70x80x35708035SwedenNeedle roller bearings
IR 45x50x35455035SwedenNeedle roller bearings
IR 50x55x35505535SwedenNeedle roller bearings
IR 55x60x35556035SwedenNeedle roller bearings
IR 60x68x35606835SwedenNeedle roller bearings
IR 65x73x35657335SwedenNeedle roller bearings
IR 75x85x35758535SwedenNeedle roller bearings
IR 80x90x35809035SwedenNeedle roller bearings
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